Find out how to Win an Additional time Lawsuit

Find out how to Win an Additional time Lawsuit

Cases of unpaid extra time come up below the Truthful Labor Requirements Act (“FLSA”), the federal regulation that usually supplies for the cost of 1 and a half hours of extra time pay.

To win an unpaid extra time case, you could show three (3) primary parts by a preponderance of the proof:

(1) that you simply had been employed by the defendant through the related interval;

(2) that your work was engaged in commerce or within the manufacturing of products for commerce or that the defendant’s enterprise or companies below unified operation or widespread management employed no less than two individuals and had been engaged in commerce or produced items for commerce and had annual product sales of no less than $500,000; And

(3) that the defendant didn’t pay you the extra time required by regulation.

Dedicated to commerce

The time period “commerce” has a really broad which means and contains any change, commerce, transport, transmission or communication between any state and anyplace exterior the state.

Examples of workers who’re “engaged in commerce” below the Truthful Labor Requirements Act embrace anybody who makes use of a phone, fax machine, U.S. mail, or digital messaging system to speak with folks in one other state. Moreover, this additionally contains workers who use digital gadgets that enable bank card purchases. As you may see, the definition could be very broad and decided on a case-by-case foundation.

Calculation of extra time price

The Truthful Labor Requirements Act usually requires an employer to pay workers at a price of no less than one and one-half instances their common price for time labored throughout a piece week of greater than forty hours. That is generally known as time and a half pay for extra time.

An worker’s “regular price” in a given week is used as the idea for calculating extra time pay due for that week. The common price for per week is decided by dividing the primary 40 hours labored by the whole wages paid for these 40 hours. The extra time price would then be equal to a price and a half of this price and could be payable for every hour over 40 hours labored through the work week.

Exemptions below the FLSA

Most employers justify the non-payment of extra time by invoking an “exemption”. The commonest exemptions are most likely govt and administrative exemptions, however there are a lot of extra.

To learn from a govt exemption, the defendant should show that your principal activity was to handle the enterprise or division of the enterprise. For instance, an govt director would seemingly be exempt below the FLSA if he directed the work of two or extra workers and had the authority to rent or hearth different workers, or if his strategies and suggestions concerning the hiring, dismissal, development, promotion or another change in standing of different workers got specific weight.

To learn from a administrative exemption, the defendant should show that your main obligation was the efficiency of labor immediately associated to the administration or normal enterprise operation of your employer and that you simply exercised discretion and impartial judgment on essential issues. A head of workplace can profit from the executive exemption.

When figuring out whether or not or not you might be an exempt worker, you will need to keep in mind that what issues is the work you truly carried out, not your written job description. In different phrases, in case your job description says you are a supervisor, however your principal job is as a receptionist, you are most likely not exempt and also you owe extra time. As you may think about, all these instances are very fact-dependent and differ on a case-by-case foundation.


The measure of damages or cash below the FLSA is the distinction between what you need to have been paid below the Act and the quantity you had been truly paid. That is referred to as compensation. Damages aren’t allowed as punishment and can’t be imposed or elevated to penalize your employer.

Lastly, when you reach successful your case below the FLSA, you could be entitled to damages (double again pay) and affordable attorneys’ charges.