What are Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls?

What are Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls?

Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls Details and Info

Quartz crystal singing bowls are a particular sort of instrument on their very own, and whereas they could share some issues in frequent with their steel Tibetan counterparts, they’ve their very own distinctive historical past, properties, therapeutic qualities, and makes use of. Learn on to learn how quartz crystal bowls took place, what makes them distinctive, and what they’re primarily used for.

What makes them particular?

Crystal singing bowls are product of pure quartz. The human physique is alleged to have many crystalline buildings, equivalent to our bones, DNA, blood, and even components of the mind, and these buildings have a pure resonance with quartz. Even our cells comprise silica, the identical substance present in quartz. These pure affinities make these crystal singing bowls naturally heal our physique. Quartz bowls, in contrast to their Tibetan counterparts, may also be tuned to a particular notice. This makes them good for sound therapeutic and focused balancing of particular chakras.


Whereas Tibetan bowls have at all times been used for religious and spiritual functions, crystal singing bowls have their roots in a extra fashionable and, some would say, completely unrelated origin. These quartz bowls got here into manufacturing within the Nineteen Eighties as a by-product of the pc trade. They had been used to carry pc chips that wanted to be heated to extremely excessive temperatures. Scientists would really throw them away after utilizing them! After some time somebody realized that these crystal bowls, product of pure quartz, should have particular therapeutic qualities and commenced to accumulate and promote these by-products of the pc trade by its personal means.

How are they made

The bowls are made in a particular and fairly advanced course of. First, the purest sources of silica sand are gathered for the manufacturing course of. Then, this sand is deposited in a centrifugal mould heated to over 4000 levels centigrade. This course of melts the sand and fuses the particles right into a strong crystal. After that, the crystal is tuned to a particular notice, so sturdy that it’s perceptible even from 2000 toes away. The tonal qualities of crystal singing bowls rival the very best high quality devices ever produced.

These are just some details in regards to the particular qualities of quartz crystal singing bowls, and as you discover additional, you will you’ll want to discover loads extra fascinating details about these things.