[Jour 2] Compréhension et analyse des données fonctionnelles


Concrete case studies, such as the analysis of ultraviolet-visible spectroscopy data via functional experimental designs and the use of temperature profile data and control charts applied to processes, will allow you to put your new skills.

You can complete the hands-on exercises on your own computer using JMP’s statistical discovery software. You’ll need download and activate a free trial of this software. Once activated, the trial lasts 30 days. We recommend downloading and activating your free trial two weeks before the program begins.

After this session, you will have valuable knowledge on understanding and analyzing functional data. If you follow all of the sessions, live or on demand, you will receive an Engineering Techniques certificate.

Do not wait any longer, register now and enrich your CV with these essential skills!

Goals :

Dive into the fascinating world of functional data with Engineering Techniques and JMP during our free workshop. This session will introduce you to the exploration, analysis and modeling of functional data, essential skills in many industries.


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