L’avenir de la fabrication commence aujourd’hui


norelem and the norelem ACADEMY aim to prepare the future of manufacturing and engineering by providing practical training to the next generation.

The manufacturing industry sector is currently facing a massive shortage of SKILLS. norelem’s commitment to developing and supporting talent is a great example of how the future of manufacturing is in safe hands.

Supporting and developing new talent has been an integral part of norelem’s ethos for many years. Whether it’s giving younger staff members the opportunity to work on their own projects at a lower cost, providing schools with the necessary demonstration equipment, or simply being able to pass on their knowledge to younger staff, all their work is designed to support the next generation of manufacturing. For norelem, it is imperative to have a positive impact and secure the future of the manufacturing industry.

As a manufacturer of standard components, norelem supplies components to a huge number of industries. Because the demand for norelem products is very diversified, it is sometimes difficult to answer all the questions you may have about a particular product from the technical sheet on an internet page. This is why norelem prefers to share its knowledge and insight into the industry with its clients on a more personal level, which is much easier when dealing with new talents.

Since 2016, norelem has taken more active steps to advance its skills development services, such as the norelem ACADEMY, which provides training at all levels of education, from general education to vocational and technical education.

The norelem ACADEMY also organizes specialized conferences, which transmit practical knowledge to future technicians, as well as the production of training documents, which are created in coordination with the ACADEMY program.

The norelem ACADEMY technical offer is accessible to anyone interested and is completely free. The training center is constantly growing, with new content on innovative products or additions to existing product groups. To support the projects, norelem requires professional implementation and the required quality, but any learning content created on product innovations can be viewed free of charge.

norelem SHOWTRUCK: closer to the customer (credit: norelem)

Technical lectures are an integral part of imparting practical knowledge to students. This is why norelem is committed to using its mobile showroom, the norelem SHOWTRUCK, to go directly to meet the customer during university events and trade fairs, where they present new innovations inmanufacturing industry.

This allows norelem to respond specifically to different technical needs, because our SHOWTRUCK can provide practical application examples in the field of device construction or training on individual product groups.

Because digitalization is disrupting the profession of design engineer and manufacturer, norelem is committed to being at the forefront of the development of new and existing talents. Both directly through the norelem ACADEMY and specialist conferences – and indirectly by providing the necessary tools for talents to develop on their own, for example by offering free CAD data.

There is still great potential for development in the acquisition and training of new talents. This is why, as a leader in this field, norelem is committed to helping develop the next generation of talent and preparing the future of the sector from the beginning.


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