Les thèses du mois : “2035, étape décisive vers un transport décarboné et intelligent”


To support you and provide you with ever richer information, Techniques de l’Ingénieur is joining forces with the National Network of Doctoral Schools – Engineering Sciences (REDOC SPI). Each month, our partner selects theses linked to our monthly file in order to allow you to delve further into the themes developed in the file.

For our November report, “2035, a decisive step towards low-carbon and intelligent transport”, here are the theses selected by the REDOC SPI. Find the summary of these theses as well as the theses of previous months on our partner’s website.

Methodology for developing safe autonomous vehicles based on functional and non-functional requirements
Yasmine Assioua
Doctoral thesis in Networks, information and communications, Defended on 04/19/2023
Laboratory Information processing and communication

An efficient time-sensitive information dissemination scheme for emerging vehicular networks
Raoua Chakroun
Doctoral thesis in Computer Science, defended on 11/30/2022
Systems Analysis and Architecture Laboratory (Toulouse)

Modeling and optimization of road infrastructure maintenance for autonomous vehicles
Ikram Najeh
Doctoral thesis in Signal, Image, Automatic, defended on 11/17/2022
Land Transport Network Engineering and Advanced Computing Laboratory

Multi layered Misbehavior Detection for a connected and autonomous vehicle
Mohammed Bouchouia
Thesis in computer science, defended on 02-06-2023
Laboratory Information processing and communication

Machine learning for the autonomous driving decision of guided vehicles: Application in the railway sector
Antoine Plissonneau Duquene
Doctoral thesis in Automation, defended on 03-04-2023
Laboratory of automation, mechanics and industrial and human computing (Valenciennes, North)

Calculation and optimization of trajectories for autonomous vehicles subject to the constraints of an agricultural environment
Danial For Arab
Doctoral thesis in Computer Science, defended on 06/30/2023
Laboratory of engineering sciences, computing and imaging (Strasbourg)

Road surface condition detection for autonomous vehicle by NIR LED system and machine learning approaches
Hongyi Zhang
Doctoral thesis in Electrical Engineering, Defended on 07-07-2022
Institute of optics graduate school

Visual Odometry Using Heterogeneous Cameras for Simultaneous Localization and Mapping for Autonomous Vehicles
Ash Soliman
Doctoral thesis in Signal and Image Processing Sciences, Defended on 05-10-2023
Computer Science, Integrative Biology and Complex Systems

​​Collective intelligent road infrastructure using an individual-centered and learning approach
Jules Bompard
Thesis project in Computer Science and applications, Thesis in preparation since 01-10-2023
Lille Computer Science, Signal and Automation Research Center

Multi-objective optimizations for roadside management
Ignacio Castaneda Rodriguez
Thesis project in Industrial Systems Engineering, Thesis in preparation since 07/22/2023
ERPI – Research Team on Innovative Processes (University of Lorraine)


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