La semaine de l’industrie : une occasion d’attirer les jeunes, dans un marché de l’emploi industriel en tension


More than 51,000. This is the number of vacant jobs in industry in the 1st quarter of 2023. While more than half of industrial companies suffer from recruitment problems and although the causes are multiple, companies must compete ingenuity to attract new qualified profiles. Industry week is one of the essential events to gain visibility and break the clichés about industry professions.

Recruitment market under tension in the post-covid context and shortage of qualified candidates: the industry is facing its biggest recruiting crisis since 1991. However, this situation is paradoxical, because France’s potential for reindustrialization is considerable!

Local actions in favor of training

It is a fact, there is a mismatch between the needs of manufacturers and the skills available. It is therefore particularly vital to combine supply and demand for employment in a sustainable manner and local authorities have a central role to play.

In Normandy for example, while nearly 4,000 positions are to be filled each year in the industry, we see a mismatch between the training offer and the needs of business leaders in the Region. To try to remedy this problem, the Region wanted to commit nearly 72 million euros in 2023, in order to train job seekers in the skills expected by companies, thus offering 8,500 training places.

Furthermore, various actions are carried out by the Normandy Region, in favor of local employment:

  • setting up a web platform to connect local recruiters and people looking for professional opportunities;
  • development of a training offer in the service of ecological transition for construction, the agricultural sector and industry;
  • and new BAC pro production line pilot, the result of cooperation between the Rectorate, the Normandy Region and the Pays de Falaise community of communes;
  • opening of a BTS “Maintenance of communicating production systems” in partnership with the UIMM¹, the Rectorate and the city of Vire;
  • opening of new engineering campuses and development of existing campuses.

Companies must also find new ways to attract young people

Nevertheless, Training is only one aspect of the problem and the industry has also suffered, for a long time, from a lack of attractiveness, particularly towards young people.

Metallurgical companies, for example, face a shortage of “traditional” welding skills, in roboticsin machining or maintenance, both on the profiles of technicians, operators and engineers.

Also, to attract new qualified employees, manufacturers must ensure that professions are made more attractive. At the start of the year, Christophe Jouve, head of robotics and integrators at Fronius France, explained to us how cobotics is one of these new tools for attracting young recruits: “Thanks to cobotics, operators are relieved of boring tasks, while reducing the risks of MSDs. The new welders thus have a dual skill of welder/robotician which enhances their work. »

Because when it comes to attractiveness, there are many levers to pull! In addition to seeking to reduce daunting tasks as much as possible and increase salaries, manufacturers also have the possibility of innovating in terms of management, work organization and training atypical profiles internally.

This is, for example, what the company Osé does, specializing in the design and manufacture of industrial sheet metal. Alexandre Published, its founder, told us in this interview : “We have a partnership with Pôle Emploi and we organize “blind discoveries” of the jobs we offer twice a year. The principle is simple: people undergoing retraining are invited and come to discover the companies. They do not know in advance what the job will be and discover it with the employees. At the end, we give them time for discussion and the candidate gets their own experience of the job. »

Furthermore, Osé also made a radical choice in terms of management and recruitment, deciding to focus on the human side as well as cultivating the desire to innovate and autonomy, by setting up days dedicated to internal projects.

Industry week: an opportunity to attract talent!

From November 27 to December 3, 2023, Industry Week takes place. Like every year, this unmissable event helps create links between the professional world and teaching.

For companies that encounter recruitment or attractiveness problems, industry week is an opportunity to “create vocations among young people by changing their outlook on the industry and its professions”, through the organization of free events open to the general public.

Do you want to have an event certified for industry week?

Submit your application before November 20, 2023.

¹ Union of metallurgical industries and trades


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