Les thèses du mois : Les énergies renouvelables, épicentre de l’innovation


To support you and provide you with ever richer information, Techniques de l’Ingénieur is joining forces with the National Network of Doctoral Schools – Engineering Sciences (REDOC SPI). Each month, our partner selects theses linked to our monthly file in order to allow you to delve further into the themes developed in the file.

For our December report, “Renewable energies, epicenter of innovation”, here are the theses selected by REDOC SPI. Find the summary of these theses as well as the theses of previous months on our partner’s website.

Characterization of the thermomechanical behavior of brazed silicon carbide assemblies for receivers of tower solar power plants
Florian Bonzoms​
Doctoral thesis in Physics. Energy and process engineering, defended on 16-12-2022
Processes, materials and solar energy laboratory

Hydrodynamics and energy conversion in nanofluidic systems: a molecular perspective
Cecilia Herrero Guillen
Doctoral thesis in Physics, defended on 14-10-2021
Light Matter Institute​

Modeling and estimation of anaerobic digesters for waste remediation and energy production
Younoussa Moussa Baldé​
Doctoral thesis in Automation, defended on 15-12-2022
Signals and Systems Laboratory​

Decentralized energy production as a vector for reconfiguring relationships between public and agricultural world: the case of an agricultural methanization project in Occitanie
Violene Sibertin-Blanc​
Doctoral thesis in Information and Communication Sciences, defended on 09/23/2022
Center for study and research work, organization, power​

Contribution to electric energy generation for isolated rural areas using second life components and renewable energies: state-of-health methods for reused lead-acid batteries.
Muhammad Mohsin
Doctoral thesis in Electrical Engineering, defended on 08-03-2022
Plasma and Energy Conversion Laboratory​

Optimisation of Energy Consumption of Data Center using Artificial Intelligence
Read Grill
Doctoral thesis in Statistics, defended on 06/23/2023
Mathematics and Applications Laboratory​

Study and optimization of combined heat and cold production for thermal networks
Boris Nérot​
Doctoral thesis in Energy, Thermal, Combustion, defended on 13-12-2022
Environmental Process Engineering – Agri-Food​

New bioinspired and biohybrid electrode materials for hydrogen production
Afridi Zamader
Doctoral thesis in Inorganic Chemistry and Inorganic Bio, Defended on 02/10/2023
Laboratory of chemistry and biology of metals

Towards efficient treatment and recovery of plastic waste: production of hydrogen by electrolysis
Nicolas Grimaldos Osorio
Doctoral thesis in Electrochemistry and Materials, defended on 07/21/2022
Lyon Institute for Research on Catalysis and the Environment​

Wind of change: on the use of patents in the wind power industry
Valentin Lignau​
Doctoral thesis in Economic Sciences, defended on 08-02-2023


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