Un portail web dédiés aux solutions de décarbonation


To facilitate the implementation of decarbonization projects within the different French industrial sectors, a web portal lists the actions implemented by companies, at different stages of the production processes, in order to share them and inspire industrial players. .

Setting up the portal “Decarbonization Industry of the Future”launched by the Industry of the Future Solutions sector, is an additional brick in the French strategy to decarbonize its industry. This sector, supported by the Industry of the Future Alliance, with the support of the professional organization Numerustherefore developed a Web portal, whose ambition is to provide all sectors of the industry with new tools to implement concrete decarbonization actions across all cycles of production processes: from production itself and its processes, including the choice of raw materials, but also the possibilities for recycling products at the end of their life, among others.

The “Decarbonization Industry of the Future” web portal has thus identified, since its launch in September 2023, nearly 500 decarbonization solutions initiated by industry players: startups, companies, groups, etc.

The method for identifying these solutions and evaluating their relevance is partly entrusted to artificial intelligence. Indeed, AI algorithms, supported by the French solution Motherbase.aiidentify decarbonization solutions put in place, by based on the semantics used by companies to present themselves on the web. These solutions are then evaluated by independent experts. It is important to note that these experts are not financially compensated by industry players to make these selections. A guarantee of neutrality.

Once these solutions are selected, they are automatically updated each month, by following the social networks of the industrial players “authors” of these solutions. This permanent monitoring makes it possible to enrich automatically the web portalknowing that it is also possible, for stakeholders who wish, to propose spontaneous applications to present their decarbonization solutions, so that they appear on the portal.

To facilitate navigation for the different actors on the portal, the home page offers four different entries, depending on the user’s needs.

The first tab “News”, which provides access to news, feedback and calls for projects from the French decarbonization sector.

The second tab, “Course”, which allows users to start a support process in the search for potential partners on decarbonization projects. Then, the tab “Phone book” lists the list of players in the French decarbonization sector. Finally, the tab “Carte” allows you to visualize, geographically, the mapping of actors decarbonization throughout the country.

The relatively recent launch of the site makes it impossible to say with any relevance today whether this web solution is a success or not. While waiting to have the necessary perspective to obtain feedback from users, the founders of the site, the AIF and Numeum, are looking for partners to support their approach and guarantee the sustainability of the portal.


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