Webinar : Modélisation multiphysique des procédés de soudage, de fabrication additive et de découpe laser


The development of the manufacturing industry is driven by the challenges of energy transition, competitiveness and innovation. This evolution generates processes, such as additive manufacturing, or the use of new materials, lighter alloys for example, posing new challenges, particularly in welding.

In this webinar in free access organized the Thursday December 7 of 11h has 12h, we will present additive manufacturing and the use of new materials, participating in the development of the manufacturing industry, taking into account the challenges of energy transition, competitiveness and innovation. In this context, the use of multiphysics simulation is becoming an increasingly used strategy to understand the appearance of defects, determine optimal operating parameters or even carry out tests that are simply impossible experimentally.


In many cases, the repetition of experimental tests makes it possible to find solutions, but sometimes empirically and without all of the physical phenomena being mastered or even fully understood. Indeed, the speed of the phenomena and the extreme temperatures generally harm classic experimental observation.

We will give examples of results where multiphysics models provide access to new quantities and conclusions. To do this, we will rely on wire-arc additive manufacturing (WAAM), laser welding, TIG welding and even laser cutting. Finally, part of the presentation will discuss the necessary determination of the thermophysical properties (surface tension, viscosity, etc.) of molten metals which are the basis of rigorous and successful modeling but nevertheless very difficult to access.

Register now to find out more and you can ask us all your questions! The presenter, Mickael Courtois from the IRDL Laboratory, University of South Brittany, will answer it.

This webinar will be recorded and available as an archive on our site the day after the event.


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